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© 2019 ISCN 2019 - By Acquaviva Eventos

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The University of São Paulo has an important role in economic, social and technological development in the national scenario.

By hosting an event such as ISCN, we also affirm our prerogatives for a global sustainable development framework.

We are very pleased to have our institution as a focal point for a network of transformative initiatives, the fruit of the work of agents committed to a global project for a sustainable and socially just world.

We hope that the event can be a forum for sharing of enriching experiences, information sharing, research and practices aimed at achieving Agenda 2030.


The event took place during four intense days in diverse activities, contemplating:

plenary sessions, workshops, roundtables, presentations and a plentiful environment for network among students, researchers and a wider audience of key stakeholders of the of educators, representatives of universities, government, media, and civil society.


The event main objective is bring to promote education and research, to discuss the role of academy in sustainable development goals. The list below is a non-exhaustive set of topics related to any aspect of sustainability and higher education institutions.



  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • Student engagement

  • Strategic partnerships for societal impact

  • Sustainable meeting solutions: Including examples of how Higher Education Institutes reduce their own impacts using mediated reality and technology for travel-free meetings.

  • Gender, Diversity and Representation: Higher Education Institutes and Sustainable Development

  • The role of investment in supporting Sustainable Development

  • Campus operations, Campus Facilities and Campus development

  • Campus as Living Lab – education, research and collaboration in campus projects

  • Projects on campus (e.g., building, apps, student engagement, etc.)

  • Challenge driven education for global sustainable development

  • Incentives for integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutes- including major university excellence ranking and rating organizations.