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The topic can relate to any aspect of sustainability and higher education institutions. The list below is a non-exclusive list of possible topics (we welcome your ideas!):

  1. Promoting education for sustainable development

  2. Promoting research for sustainable development

  3. The role of academia in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

  4. Collaboration and knowledge sharing

    1. Student engagement

    2. Strategic partnerships for societal impact

  5. Sustainable meeting solutions: Including examples of how Higher Education Institutes reduce their own impacts using mediated reality and technology for travel-free meetings.

  6. Gender, Diversity and Representation: Higher Education Institutes and Sustainable Development

  7. The role of investment in supporting Sustainable Development

  8. Campus operations, Campus Facilities and Campus development

  9. Campus as Living Lab – education, research and collaboration in campus projects

  10. Projects on campus (e.g., building, apps, student engagement, etc.)

  11. Challenge driven education for global sustainable development

  12. Incentives for integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutes- including major university excellence ranking and rating organizations.